Best is to download these and watch on a larger screen.


This beautiful cactus blooms one night a year the 13 hour event is compressed into less than a minute. Mom grows these and guessed the exact night this would happen.

Ski 2020 HD.mp4

This is a just a quick edit of Beth and Frank skiing in January/February 2020 in Park City Utah and Telluride Colorado to help you feel outdoors if you are trapped in quarantine. HD resolution 1080P

This is a small sample from a 10 day Arizona photo/video shoot that Beth and I did together earlier this year. Mastered in 4k but posted in 1080P.


This is an 8 hr timelapse of the Moon setting over Kauai as the surf was pounding the rocks. Posted here in 1080p.


Select preview to enlarge. Contact me if you would like a print on metal shipped to you.

Kauai Moonlight Vertical

Kauai Moonlight Details (full res is 4024x6048)

Kauai Moonlight Horizontal

Kauai Suds

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