Who is Frank Heydrich?

Frank is a third generation mechanical engineer/patent holder who is still fully engaged in turbine engine design for aircraft and yachts. For over twenty years his talents have gone into designing beautiful engine parts that nobody will ever see...Until now.

Frank is using aerospace innovations in materials and non contact machining techniques and applying them directly into his watch design. If you can design engines and gearboxes that deliver thousands of horsepower then you can also understand and work on watches which are essentially very small gearboxes with very tight tolerances. Frank is creating timepieces by hand that have very unique machined features and aesthetics. Not being bound by any watchmaking theory or tradition enables his watch concepts to explore new ground.

For the first time his creations are now being offered to the general public. Since Frank is not yet willing to give up engineering things that go fast, this will guarantee that his watches will only be trickling into the market at a very low rate. The value of these individually unique time engines will have to increase in value as the battle for equilibrium ensues. With engineering, sports car racing, and a beautiful bride all competing for his attention, Frank won't have enough time to make one for everybody.

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