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Limited Edition Watches hardcover book available on Amazon December 2016


Esquire magazine June 2015

No. 73 Announcement from Baselworld 2015-03-23

Finished version No. 73 reviewed 2015-10-5

Interview in Halcyon Magazine December 2014 (Harrods Aviation London, UK)

A new stealthy color, Black Meteorite™ is now available in the section titled Meteorites

No. 49 Crusty reviewed in Total Watch Reviews 6/27/2014

No. 60 Moon Watch "Bella Luna" in Esquire Magazine, March 2014 Singapore Edition

No. 60 Moon Watch "Bella Luna" in Luxurious Magazine

No. 61 Mars Watch "Planum Australe" Total Watch Reviews 1/22/2014

No. 65 blue meteorite watch reviewed in Total Watch Reviews 12/9/2013

Watches are now available in the Eclectic Image Gallery at the Shops of Wailea, Maui, Hawaii

On May 7, 2009 I introduced the world's first Blue Meteorite™ watch and other colors follow quickly

In 2008 watch No. 1 is born. I wore it briefly till J.S. took it from me to hold until it becomes valuable

Frank Heydrich Design is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


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